Just My Type - The Diabetes Podcast

#60 Soda, Pop, Whatever

September 12, 2022 Dobie Maxwell & Sami Parker Season 1 Episode 60
Just My Type - The Diabetes Podcast
#60 Soda, Pop, Whatever
Show Notes

In this episode, co-hosts Sami (type 1) and Dobie (type 2) have the pleasure of discussing ‘Soda, Pop, Whatever’ from the west coast and east coast perspectives.
While Sami & Dobie call it soda, some people call it pop, and some even just call every type of soda ‘coke’. So how does soda impact type 2 diabetes? Tune in to hear the stats on how soda increases one’s risk for type 2 diabetes. Type 1’s you may think you’re in the clear if you take insulin, but why not just avoid the rollercoaster of blood sugars anyway?
We don’t mean to bust your bubble, but yes we do (pun intended).

C’est la vie, baby!

Question of the pod: What is your “fun” drink?

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